Hello! I am Shivan Meymo, a UI/UX designer.

I help businesses succeed by creating user-centric and accessible experiences.

I do UX research in both physical and digital products through different data gathering methods (qualitative, quantitative). Plus i do insight analyses, brainstorming, facilitating workshops, user testing to udnerstand the target group and identify their needs and expectations.

I apply princples E.g. Consistency, Feedback, visibility, affordance to make sure the interaction is perfectaly comprehansable and user friendly.

I design Low/high fiedality user interfaces through figma and Adobe CC, which i adjust according to UX princples, user needs and expectations.

With my experience in making accessable digital platforms in my previous projects and my passion in inclusive design, soon WAS certfied. I could help you to make your products accessible for everyone, regardless of their special needs.

I can help you buildning digital products with WP, Webflow and EpiSrever, deployed by lightsail or other cloud services.

I am used to many development and design process to collaborate with developers, and the rest of stake holders. For example: DevOps, Trello.

I can help you to optimizing the end-to-end customer experience across multiple touchpoints and channels.

If you have a complex digital content with many user flows. I can make the content structure of your platform easy to navigate, create logical sitemap, easily find the infromation your users are looking for in your platform.

I can deploy digital platforms through lightsail, other cloud services other host providers.

Previous projects

  • Low/high fiedality prototyping
  • the app contributs to energy saving.
  • Used Adobe XD.
  • A/B testing.
  • Roles: UI designer, interaction designer, User tester.
Sol cell app
  • UX förskning till B2B hemsida.
  • Low/high fiedality prototyper.
  • idegenerering med flera intressenter.
  • Byggde hemsidan genom WP.
  • Roler: UI/UX designer, tjänste designer, WP utvecklare.
Easit case study
  • Designa om feedback funktionen.
  • Generera begripplig feedback.
  • Använda verktyg: Figma, Webropl och Episerver.
  • Roller: UI/UX designer, WP och EpiServer utvecklare.
  • Matching models with model seekers.
  • Turning a website to a mobile app.
  • Exclusive access to design insights.
  • Roles: UI/UX designer.
Iconicli app use case
  • Focus groups.
  • User testing in elderly houses.
  • Define elderly centered design princples.
  • Roles: UX researcher to redesign the library.
Master Thesis
  • Matching parking seekers with parkering owners.
  • When through service design process.
  • Tools: Figma, adobe CC.
  • Roles: Service designer, UI/UX designer, Product owner.
Parkera app case study
  • Matching local people with newcomers.
  • User testing.
  • Designed by Adobe CC.
  • Roles: Service designer, UI/UX designer, interaction designer.
Localo app case study
  • Seat sweeping method to change the physical design in the library.
  • The method is based on obervations in differnt places and time spots.
  • Tools: excel, user testing
  • Roles: UX researcher in the physical library.
Uppsala bibliotek
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